A number of new smartphones are being created with a built-in expiration date, it has emerged.

One such mobile is the Galaxy S6 which has been designed to prevent users from being able to access the battery or MicroSD slot inside.

In fact, a number of popular high street brands have designed their smartphones in such a way.

Essentially it means that sooner or later when the battery inevitably breaks down or becomes faulty, users will be unable to change it.

Instead, they will have to purchase a new phone.

Unlike previous models, the phone is also not waterproof. It means that realistically, within at least a year or two, you’ll be looking for a new smartphone, or a professional to help you replace the battery.

Although many people upgrade their phones every two years, these new designs will ensure that they will soon have no choice but to purchase a new product every two years.

Furthermore, the improvements and reliability of these new smartphones have over time, declined rather than improved.

In a nutshell, the new design essentially locks consumers into the two-year hardware upgrade cycle simply to change out the battery of an otherwise good phone.

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