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Dead Children Found at Canadian School

Dead Children Found at Canadian School

The remains of 215 children have been found at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in Canada. the school was set up for indigenous, native- American children, it has been revealed. Some of those children were as young as three years old, it has been revealed. The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed[Read More…]

Raffaela Spone used deepfakes to frame her daughter's cheerleading rivals

US Woman ‘Used Deepfakes to Blackmail Cheerleading Rivals’

Deepfakes were used to frame a group of cheerleaders, it has been revealed. According to a Pennsylvania police report, Raffaela Spone used deepfake videos to frame her daughter’s cheerleading rivals.  As a result, she was charged late last week with misdemeanour counts of cyber harassment of a child and related offences, according to the affidavit of probable cause for her[Read More…]

Scientists have apparently disproven the very idea of reality itself

10 Things That Sound Like Conspiracy Theories But Actually Aren’t

I like a good conspiracy theory. It has always fascinated me to ponder about why people believe in the Men in Black, little green men, and chemtrails. Apparently, according to some, the Queen of England is secretly a 6-foot giant reptilian lizard that wants to eat us all for dinner! Oh Lizzie, how could you? Oh and don’t forget the[Read More…]

Residents in New York and Washington have been offered joints in exchange for jabs

Residents Offered Marijuana Joints in Exchange for Jabs

Poorer residents in the Bronx, New York have been offered cannabis joints, in exchange for Covid-19 jabs. The group “Joints for Jabs” handed out J’s in Union Square Park to adults who had an official vaccine card as part of a nationwide vaccination drive.  While some mass vaccination clinics have begun to close, and smaller sites at some unusual locations[Read More…]

Harvard scientists announced that they were using geoengineering to dim the sun

US Should Pledge $100m to Dim The Sun, New Report Urges

A $100 million geoengineering research programme to ‘dim the sun’ has been proposed. In a new report, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, said that the US should dedicate between $100m (£73m) to $200m over five years to better understand the feasibility of interventions to dim the sun in order to fight climate change. It recommended interventions designed[Read More…]