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A group of parents have banded together and launched a petition against forced adoption in a bid to raise awareness of the increasing number of cases where children are separated from their parents without being told why.

The Association of McKenzie Friends recently visited the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014, hoping to get their children returned, after they had been forcibly removed from them.

The group is made up of men and women all over the world who have had their children snatched by the state.

Around 1,000 children are taken each month by social workers, and there have been many well-documented cases in the UK of children being snatched from parents who were highly capable.

Just four per cent of the children get adopted, while carers are paid some £400 per week per child.

Over 50 children die each week in care. As part of the campaign, the association started a petition on in a bid to gather enough signiatures to end forced adoptions in cases where social workers have no prior evidence of child abuse, or neglect from the parents.

The UK is the only country to restrict conversation between parents and children in care and gag parents whose children have been taken into care.

This is even acknowledged on the government website Britain is also the country in Europe (apart from Croatia and Portugal) to tolerate the practice of forced adoption.

However, the McKenzie Group are not the only organisation to campaign against forced adoption.

Every month in London, the Principal Registry of Family Division (PRFD) hold protests in front of Downing Street, the Supreme Court and Buckingham Palace to highlight the issue.

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