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Police have come under fire in the US following shocking reports of police brutality, it has emerged.

In one incident, a 14 year-old African-American child was tackled violently to the floor by armed police, after one of the officers perceived that he gave them a “dehumanising stare” while he was out walking with his puppy.

Tremaine McMillan says he was feeding his puppy and playing on the beach with some friends when police approached him and asked what he was doing.

They claimed that they saw McMillan roughhousing with another teenager, told him it was “unacceptable behavior,” and asked where his mother was. When McMillan walked away, they chased him, jumped out, pinned him to the ground and arrested him. According to police reports, McMillan attempted to pull his arm away, stating, ‘Man, don’t touch me like I did something.’
Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta justified the use of force, saying McMillan was exhibiting threatening “body language,” which includes staring and “clenched fists.”
McMillan denied the charge and said that he was holding his puppy at the time.

In another incident, a hearing impaired woman was punched repeatedly in the face by officers for failing to follow police orders.

In a recording of the 911 call, Megan Graham can be heard saying: “You attacked me before you said anything! There is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that, especially with my condition, so how dare you even touch me?” The officer is heard saying that she is under arrest.

Another responding officer punched Graham in the face a few times, while telling Graham not to resist arrest. When a police officer put weight on Graham’s hip—where she was injured—she reacted by trying to flip over. The police then said she assaulted an officer during that struggle.

Another court case documents police brutality against a diabetic student, Ashlynn Avery who was slapped in the face by a police officer, for falling asleep in class.
Avery, who also suffers from sleep apnea was suspended for cutting class, and had to sit in the in-school suspension room. After dozing off while reading a book, the in-school suspension supervisor walked over to her cubicle and struck it, which caused the cubicle to hit Avery’s head. After waking up, she shortly fell back asleep. The supervisor, Joshua Whited, then took the book from her and slammed it down, which caused the book to hit the student in the chest.

Avery was then told to leave the room, according to the complaint, and police officer Christopher Bryant followed her. Bryant slapped her backpack, and then “proceeded to shove Ashlynn face-first into a file cabinet and handcuff her,” the complaint states. While in the car, Avery threw up. She was taken to a hospital and had to wear a cast as a result of her injuries.

She has since launched a lawsuit following the attack.

These are just a few of the documented cases highlighted this month which shows a shocking rise in the number of police brutality cases in the US. Other reports tell of people – including women – being repeatedly beaten over the head with a baton for filming police violence upon other people, and in the worst case scenario, men and women being shot following a confrontation with the police, with different versions of the incidents being released by law enforcement.

Such cases have helped to kickstart a growing wave of mistrust and condemnation of the heavy handed tactics used by the police in America.

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