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A US police officer has admitted to faking evidence in a “drug bust” after an arrest to frame a suspect.

Officer Seth Jenson is being investigated after he “recreated” a video that supposedly depicted an elaborate firearms and drugs bust.

In November last year, Joseph Cajar’s car was pulled over and searched by Officer Seth Jensen. According to police, Jenson found seven grams of heroin and a firearm in the car. Cajar was then arrested, charged and detained pending trial.

However, the truth began to surface when Jensen texted Pueblo’s deputy district attorney, Anne Mayer, revealing that the body camera footage submitted as evidence was staged after a preliminary hearing in March.

news, newspaper, fake footage, crime, law

In text messages obtained by the Pueblo Chieftain, Mayer replied: “You’ll have to watch your body cam before the motions to make sure the report and the camera are the same.”

Jensen then replied: “For the search, the body cam shows different than the report because it was. Prior to turning my body cam on I conducted the search. Once I found the ****, I stepped back, called, then activated my body cam and walked the courts through it.”

Mayer then wrote: “Was that in the report? If not you’ve got to write a supplement explaining that your body cam was off during the search and the body cam that does exist is a reenactment.”

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In the video, Jenson acted ‘surprised’ to make it seem as though this was the first time he carried out a search on the vehicle. The case against the suspect is now being dismissed and Jensen is being investigated to see if his actions violated policy.

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