Police have come under fire for tasering a man following a dispute with his neighbour.

Factory worker Jordan Begley, 23, who had a suspected heart defect, was hit with a charge from the 50,000-volt stun gun after officers were called to deal with a row at his home last month.

Minutes after officers from Greater Manchester Police arrived, Mr Begley was shot using a Taser and died less than two hours later.

According to Mrs Begley, the mother of the deceased, officers had repeatedly asked if she was from Sale – the nearby home town of a 25-year-old wanted burglar who had the same name as her son and who had breached the terms of his prison licence.
‘It didn’t make sense at the time but then when I found out about the other Jordan Begley it clicked,’ she said.

Mrs Begley added that her son was unarmed, calm and cooperative with the police, but despite this, was still shot, while she was forced by officers to wait outside of the house.

She said: “The response was so heavy-handed – Jordan was nine stone and they’d been called out to deal with a domestic argument. ‘He was calm and compliant, he wasn’t armed and they could have cuffed him if they wanted to. I can’t believe they’ve followed protocol and there’s no way that Taser should ever have been used.

“Two officers arrived at first and everything was very calm, they were on the doorstep chatting but then loads of vans turned up with armed officers and they forced him inside. He was calm and compliant and doing everything they told him and for that reason I thought everything was going to be okay.

“I was outside looking in through the front door and I could see they had a Taser pointed at him, he had his arms by his side and was still following instructions.”
As a result, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (PCC) said that they were investigating whether Mr Begley was shot as a result of being confused for a burglar with the same name.

The other Jordan Begley was eventually re-arrested by police a week after the Taser incident and returned to prison.

According to an IPCC spokesperson: “We will look at all relevant information, including call handling and radio transmissions between officers responding to Mr Begley’s address to see if any mistake occurred, and if it did, if that mistake had any inappropriate influence on any officer’s decisions to use force.”

Mrs Begley added that her son was ‘battered’ and ‘bruised’ following the taser incident, shortly before he died.

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