Activists from across the globe have protested against Monsanto, citing concerns about the impact of its genetically modified products on human health.

Protesters from more than 500 cities and 50 countries across the world took to the streets last Saturday and called for a ban on the worldwide sale of its biotech and agrochemical products.

Another reason for the demonstrations was due to Monsanto’s production of weed killer Roundup, which contains Glyphosate, that has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to the World Health Organization.

The protests were largely peaceful and were held to promote the production of healthier food.

Demonstrators came from various countries such as France, United States, China, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica, among others.

Various studies have linked genetically engineered food from Monsanto to health conditions such as cancer.

However, Monsanto has denied that its products were unhealthy.

Officials from the EU are currently debating on whether to renew the license for Roundup on June 30th. If the license is not renewed, then Monsanto’s products could be removed from the shelves.

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