world trade centre

Rare footage of the events which took place on September 11th have re-surfaced.

The video offers a fascinating insight into the psychology of people who were present during the bombings of the World Trade Centres.
After 9/11, it was officially reported that the impact of the planes had caused the buildings to disintegrate like dust.

However, the video clearly shows police officers and the public reporting how they heard explosions and bombs going off on the day.

The video also shows vans which had a mural painted on the side showing a plane flying into the twin towers.

From one of the vans, there was a loudspeaker telling people: “Go home! Go home! They’re blowing up buildings!”

The video is a series of mashups seemingly taken from multiple sources. It begins with a distant shot of the towers, while the rest of the 14 minutes documents peoples reactions to the explosions.

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