A hospital in Brighton is offering Reiki as a complementary treatment for sick children.

The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital has a fundraising charity called Rockinghorse, which helps to raise money for life-saving and cutting-edge medical equipment.

It has donated the money needed to provide four specialist Reiki therapists.

The therapists had previously been providing voluntary treatment to children in 2012, but have now been funded for an additional three years.

Under the arrangement, the therapists in question will be able to offer treatments for 10 hours a week and will work closely with clinical teams.

They will be able to provide massage and Reiki treatment for parents with children and babies on the unit.

One of the Reiki practitioners, Therapist Ali Walters said in an interview with the Brighton Argus: “It is wonderful to be able to give both the children and parents an opportunity to relax and unwind.

“So often parents tell me they are delighted that during treatment their child drops off to sleep or they see their child become more calm and comfortable. I am delighted that Rockinghorse is now funding our work so we can provide more therapists and treatments to support the critical care that is provided.”

Among the many reported benefits of Reiki are stress reduction, reduction in blood pressure, supporting the immune system, removing toxins and aiding sleep.

Commenting on the therapy provided by the hospital, consultant paediatrician Kamal Patel, added: “The Reiki treatment has improved sleep, fear, anxiety, distress and pain for children on our paediatric critical unit over and above what we can achieve through modern medicine.

“To have such a fantastic team of people offering Reiki really helps our patients get better quicker.”

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