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BLOG: How safe is the flu jab?

BLOG: How safe is the flu jab?

Every year, a national campaign is introduced urging people to get the flu jab. Those thought to be particularly vulnerable, such as people with asthma, diabetes and other conditions are encouraged to get the vaccine in order to prevent them from getting the flu. This year is no exception and a great many more people are lining up for the[Read More…]

Maisy Vignes

Girl born without blood survives all odds

In many ways, Maisy Vignes is like any four year old girl. However, there is one thing that makes her slightly different from all of the other children her age and that is – she has no blood. Vignes’s entire blood supply was absorbed by her mother, Emma Vignes, 31, during pregnancy. Her survival was described as ‘miraculous’ by medical[Read More…]

Five amazing health benefits of strawberries

Five amazing health benefits of strawberries

It is that time of year again, when the weather is finally getting warmer and soups and hot drinks are swapped for ice-teas and strawberries on cream. And yes I do have a soft spot for iced-tea – and strawberries for that matter. With the summer season producing so many juicy, and delicious strawberries, it is perhaps comforting to know[Read More…]

Deanna Black

Advertising feature: Hypnotherapist helps boosts confidence and tackles stress

“Believe in your words” – Deanna Black Low-self esteem and stress is unfortunately all too prevalent in today’s societies, where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and magazine features about how to make ourselves look more beautiful. Is it any wonder that we see the rise of depression, mental health issues such as anorexia and excess stress, when all we[Read More…]

Wayne Chandler

Can Qigong change your world?

Is it possible to change your circumstances and worldview by practicing Qigong? According to Wayne Chandler, who is an author, martial artist, motivational speaker and photo journalist, not only is it possible to change your life through the cultivation of energy practices such as Qigong, but it can also boost your health and wellbeing too. Mr Chandler is best known[Read More…]