Gianni Graham

Gianni Graham

A generous young girl in the US has embarked upon a mission to collect thousands of barbie dolls for homeless children.

Young Gianni Graham wants to collect 1,000 Barbie dolls for 1,000 young homeless girls. She currently has a collection of 700, which she eventually plans to hand over to homeless shelters.

Speaking to ABC News, the youngster said: “Girls in shelters deserve the same things we have. “I was playing one day, and it just came to me that I could collect Barbies to help girls in need.”

Although she started off with just five barbies to collect for local shelters, that collection has since grown exponentially after a local news station caught wind of her story. Donations have poured in from all over the world.

According to WTKR, Gianni put her own two dolls into the collection to give her a head start.

She has also set up a website asking anyone and everyone to help her reach her goal. American actor Ashton Kutcher recently shared Gianni’s story on his Facebook page.

In addition to giving away the dolls, Gianni is also wrapping them in pink and including messages such as “I hope this brings you joy”.

She added that she has no plans on slowing down and hopes to grow up to be a forensic scientist one day.

Her mother Whitney Graham, added that “giving is in Gianni’s blood” and that she and Gianni donate and make cards for cancer patients at a local children’s hospital every Christmas.

Gianni and her mother said they are working on getting in touch with local shelters and social services to figure out the best way to distribute the dolls to girls in need in their area.

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