Booster jabs that were supposed to be utilized in England for the pre-Christmas vaccination program of the Prime Minister have been largely unused and are nearing their expiration dates.

Up to 30 percent of people were unable to fulfill their vaccination appointments and this is causing some worries for the government because the unused vaccines will be due for the dumpster soon.

Reasons for the no-shows include the fact that many people are self isolating, have recently caught the virus, or have made the decision to acquire the vaccination or booster jab elsewhere.

The available supplies, which have been available in England since last September to fast track the booster campaign, include combinations of Moderna and Pfizer /BioNTech brands.

Since the beginning of the year, 78 percent of people have received the first dose. More than 72 percent of people received the second dose, while only less than 56 percent of those who are already due to receive their booster jabs have done so.

To try to save the nearly expired supplies, they are now stored in appropriate medical fridges which need to be set at the correct temperature. But further delays in their use will mean that their time will be up and they will be relegated to the trash bin.

It all started in December 2020, when the Prime Minister pushed and forced the mission to get everyone boosted by the end of 2021. The vaccination teams had to go fast and deliver them to every region in England, irrespective of whether each location had citizens who unanimously wanted the booster jabs.

To show how much the people have turned their backs on the booster injections,there were 970,000 administered in December 21 to a low turnout of nearly 112,000 people in January 27.

The latest update on the effectiveness of booster jabs has just came out. It showed that after  ten weeks, their effectiveness drops significantly.

More data showed that the third dose’s effectiveness against symptomatic disease is greatly lower compared to the Delta variant, and diminishes efficacy more quickly. 

By Janine Griffiths

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