Daniel Shaver was fatally shot dead by police

Daniel Shaver was fatally shot dead by police

An unarmed father has been filmed begging for his life, just moments before he was shot by police in Texas.

The officer in question was later identified as Philip ‘Mitch’ Brailsford and has since been terminated from Mesa Police Department and charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting Daniel Shaver.

The Mesa Police Department released information from its investigation of the shooting, including the police report and the 911 call.

Officers were called to the La Quinta Inn amid reports of a man pointing a gun out the window of a fifth-floor room.

However Shaver’s family said that the father of two, who was a businessman from Granbury, traveled with two pellet rifles because of his work with pest control.

At the time, Shaver was in a room with a woman who got on her knees and complied with police and Daniel did the same, although court records suggest he was not as quick to act as the woman due to the fact he was intoxicated.

Police claimed Shaver reached for something behind his back. However, police later confirmed that Shaver was not armed at the time of his death.

Laney Sweet, Shaver’s wife, with whom he has two daughters, previously criticized the way police explained the incident and said it is not something her husband would do.

She told The Tennessean: “Daniel passed away in the hallway of his hotel, unarmed. His friends and family are hurting. We want to know why the officer felt justified to fire his weapon.”

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