John Mann the MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire has handed the government a dossier of evidence on VIP child abuse

John Mann the MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire has handed the government a dossier of evidence on VIP child abuse

The VIP child abuse scandal shows no sign of abating after it was revealed that key witnesses and whistleblowers who exposed a paedophile ring that goes all the way to the Houses of Parliament and above, where murdered.
The claims have been made by a number of politicians, including MP John Mann who passed detectives information about the suspicious deaths of the men who were ready to expose paedophilia at the heart of the government.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that a key witness has come forward providing the address of a Dolphin Square flat which was used for ‘abuse parties’ by a network of high-profile figures including politicians and leading members of the judiciary, military and security services.
Mr Mann has handed detectives a dossier naming 22 politicians – including six serving MPs and members of the House of Lords – suspected of involvement in a Westminster paedophile ring.
Furthermore, these allegations are not new. Mr Mann first approached police with this information in 1989 when he was a Lambeth councillor, but nothing was done. The two whistleblowers he claims may have been killed are said to have been ready to expose powerful figures preying on teenage boys from children’s care homes in Lambeth.
He also revealed that a caretaker and social worker who were working in the home at the time also died in suspicious circumstances.

The caretaker was said to have tapes on ultra-violent ‘sex parties’ when he died in an apparent arson attack and the social worker also died in a house fire – but not before his skull was fractured with a blunt instrument.

The social worker had died after telling colleagues he was set to expose the paedophilia, which was being filmed in council buildings at the time.

The report is said to implicate council officers as well as police and politicians. It states: ‘The murder of Bulic Forsythe was seen by some witnesses as a possible outcome for anyone who strayed too far in their investigation or who asked too many questions.’

Mr Mann also called for the Official Secrets Act on the case to be lifted, in order to allow more police officers to speak out about it.

The MP said that allowing former Special Branch officers who witnessed the alleged events to speak out could be central to bringing prosecutions.

He said ‘a number’ of officers have contacted him, including one who has read a 50-page dossier of evidence collected by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens. That document is now reported to be missing.

Mr Mann said: “It is clear there are a lot of people who could provide a lot of information, potentially vital information, to support ongoing criminal investigations. But they are not doing so because of the Official Secrets Act. They are fearful of not only breaking the law but the potential effect on their pension. This is absolutely crucial if we are to get some of these ex-officers coming forward and to get prosecutions of some of the former MPs.'”

However, Mr Mann is not the only politician to make these allegations. MP Simon Danczuk has recently claimed that the government is deliberately sabotaging any investigation into child abuse by high-profile figures.

A letter leaked earlier in the month showed that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is considering abandoning the current panel, amid a catalogue of problems including the resignations of two chairman.

A representative for the victims said the only people who wished to see the inquiry fail were the abusers themselves.

Mr Danczuk claimed: “If Government are set on doing this then it can be achieved, but you can’t help thinking that they aren’t intent on getting this right.

“There’s a catalogue of mistakes that have been made, some of them fairly basic, and you can’t blame the survivors of child abuse for wondering, because of the allegations of high-profile figures involved in the abuse, you can’t help thinking that some of this is quite deliberate mistakes by people in central government.”

He suggested that unless more steps were taken by the government to have a full and open inquiry, the victims could engage in direct action themselves.

Commenting on the current inquiry into VIP child abuse, Peter Saunders, of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: “I have yet to encounter any survivors themselves who have any confidence in the process and in the panel as it is currently constituted.

“And really what this is about, it’s about having the confidence of the people who are at the heart of this inquiry, which is the survivors/victims themselves. Without that, it becomes a meaningless exercise.”

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