Her 3 year-old daughter screamed “That’s my mommy” as two male officers dragged Monica Contreras away to a private room where they sexually assaulted her.

Even once she managed to escape and ran into the courtroom to tell the judge what happened, her pleas were ignored.

Ms Contreras had turned up to court for a routine divorce hearing, a minor, non criminal hearing with her little girl.

During the proceedings, Officer Ron Fox unexpectedly ordered the mother to enter a private room for a random “drug search”.

Such a search is unlawful without probable cause. Furthermore, a search must be carried out by someone of the same gender.

In the private room, the officer then allegedly fondled her breasts and violated her body against her will.

The woman makes repeated pleas to Judge Doninger, a female judge. However, both the officers and judge team up against her and threatened her with arrest if she does not recant her statement.

The woman refused and stood her ground and with tears streaming down her face, was subsequently arrested.

The officers then separated the mother from her child, locked the mother up after sexually assaulting her, and gave the child to a government “child service.”
Other government employees then had Monica’s daughter all to themselves for several hours.
Two months after the incident, Monica was finally free and then proceeded to press charges.

The judge and officers were then fired following an investigation.

A year later, Monica then filed a lawsuit against both officers and against the Judge, as well as the State of Nevada.

She then won a $200,000 settlement.

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