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Billy Bragg is among those backing efforts to strengthen deals between independent labels and YouTube

Alternative music ‘could be erased from YouTube’

YouTube has announced plans to block independent record labels if an agreement is not reached over a dispute on the terms and conditions and royalties. Google, which owns YouTube, has been renegotiating contracts with record labels, but some of the more independent companies say that they have been pressured into accepting “highly unfavourable terms”. The most controversial clause concerns the[Read More…]

Poor households pay more taxes than the super-wealthy

Poor households pay more taxes than the super-wealthy

Most people in the UK wrongly assume that the richer you are, the more tax you pay. A new study has helped to break down that myth and reveals that in actual fact, the truth is just the opposite. The less you earn, the greater proportion of your income in tax you pay. Sounds fair right? Right? A new study[Read More…]

Sinister spy glasses by Google allows criminals and nefarious agencies to steal your PIN number at a distance away

Google invents creepy glasses to steal your PIN codes

Google has invented a creepy new set of glasses that can steal your PIN numbers when you are using a cash machine, it has been revealed. The controversial Glass wearable computer contains special software to analyse the shadows and movements of peoples’ fingers in order to decipher PIN codes entered into tablets and smartphones. The software would also work using[Read More…]

New super-ocean discovered 400 miles beneath our feet

New super-ocean discovered 400 miles beneath our feet

Scientists have recently discovered an ocean 400 miles beneath the ground which could fill our oceans three times over, it has been revealed. The revelations about this giant reservoir of water was recently made after researchers spent decades theorising over what lies beneath. This new discovery appears to suggest that the Earth’s surface water actually came from within, as part[Read More…]

Bob Marley's granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, is at the centre of a campaign to protect a Rastafarian heritage site

Bob Marley’s granddaughter campaigns to protect Rastafarian heritage site in Jamaica

Bob Marley’s granddaughter is at the centre of a campaign to protect one of the best-known Rastafarian comunities in Jamaica, it has been reported. Donisha Prendergast, 30 is the eldest granddaughter of the legendary Raggae musician, and has become involved in an initiative aimed at protecting Pinnacle – a 500-acre hilltop site in Sligoville, Jamaica, that was once home to[Read More…]