Sinister spy glasses by Google allows criminals and nefarious agencies to steal your PIN number at a distance away

Sinister spy glasses by Google allows criminals and nefarious agencies to steal your PIN number at a distance away

Google has invented a creepy new set of glasses that can steal your PIN numbers when you are using a cash machine, it has been revealed.

The controversial Glass wearable computer contains special software to analyse the shadows and movements of peoples’ fingers in order to decipher PIN codes entered into tablets and smartphones.

The software would also work using an iPhone 5, Samsung Smartwatch and webcam. It has also been revealed that the video captured by Glass produced a correct four digit PIN from three metres away with 83 per cent accuracy (this was improved to more than 90 per cent with manual corrections). The webcam was accurate 92 per cent of the time.

Professor Xinwen Fu of the University of Massachusetts Lowell led the research and unveiled their spy technology at the Blackhat hackers conference.

In their report, they wrote: “Our spying camera, including Google Glass, can take a video of the victim tapping on the touch screen and automatically recognize more than 90% of the tapped passcodes from three meters away, even if our naked eyes cannot see those passcodes or anything on the touch screen. We carefully analyze the shadow formation around the fingertip, apply other computer vision techniques to automatically track the touching fingertip and locate the touched points.”

They even boasted that their technology can be used in public places such as restaurants, shops and conferences – anywhere that people may be entering their PIN numbers.

The software is also able to record details of PIN numbers 150 feet away by using a more expensive camcorder with an optical zoom.

The technology even allowed researchers to capture a target’s PIN from a fourth story window on the other side of the road.

Undoudetdly, there will be a few criminals and spy agency’s who will think that all of their christmases have come at once, when they are able to utilise this technology which to all extents and purposes, should be illegal. The reason behind its invention, remains unclear.

Could it be that the purpose of technology such as this is to convince members of the public to switch to RFID currency instead?

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