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Under snooping laws introduced by Theresa May retailers, cafes , libraries and schools will have to monitor and track records of internet users

Child victims name top judges and MPs in paedophile abuse scandal

Well-known politicians, including those who are currently serving in office have been named as paedophiles by victims to a sex abuse hotline. This latest disclosure comes after a string of damning revelations and child abuse scandals which have rocked the political establishment over the last year or so. A report published by the National Association for People Abused in Childhood[Read More…]

Baroness Warsi

Baroness Warsi resigns over Gaza massacre

The UK’s first Muslim cabinet minister has resigned over the crisis in Gaza it has been reported. Tory minister Sayeeda Warsi condemned the government over its “morally indefensible” stance on the slaughter of thousands of men, women and children in Gaza. In her resignation letter to prime minister David Cameron, she also expressed disillusionment over the way the government runs[Read More…]

Boris Johnson has ruled out banning poor doors

21st century apartheid: Boris Johnson refuses to ban ‘poor doors’

Tory minister Boris Johnson has rejected calls to introduce a law which would effectively ban class-based apartheid in social homes. What am I referring to? I am referring to the common practice in the UK whereby in newbuild housing developments poorer residents are obligated to use separate entrances to those with more money. These ‘poor doors’ are predominantly based in[Read More…]

Demonstrators take to the streets in Bangladesh

The world denounces Gaza genocide

Thousands gathered in protest outside of the Israeli embassy in London, to protest against the mindless slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. Over 85,000 people marched from the embassy to the heart of government today in a massive show of solidarity with Gaza. Speakers called for an end to Britain’s arms trade with Israel. Protests[Read More…]

Palestinian citizens mourning their dead

Israel resumes genocidal campaign

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has collapsed after 30 more Palestinians were butchered by the Israeli army. The Israeli army has told people it is resuming operations after claiming that Hamas has broken its ceasefire. It then warned residents to stay inside. The news comes after weeks of the relentless bombing of Palestinian citizens and torture of the innocent[Read More…]