Smoke and fire from an Israeli bomb rises into the air ove Gaza City

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has collapsed after 30 more Palestinians were butchered by the Israeli army.

The Israeli army has told people it is resuming operations after claiming that Hamas has broken its ceasefire.

It then warned residents to stay inside.

The news comes after weeks of the relentless bombing of Palestinian citizens and torture of the innocent men, women and children caught up in the genocide.

Some 1,460 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died in the conflict. It has been reported that so far around 63 Israelis have been killed in the conflict – all of them soldiers.

The figures suggest that while Hamas is targeting the israeli military who are trying to inflict violence on Gaza, Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilians.

Palestinian citizens mourning their dead

Palestinian citizens mourning their dead

The ceasefire had been brokered by the US and UN to give civilians a reprieve from the violence.

However the ceasefire has not been worth the paper it was written on thanks to Israel’s decision to resume its campaign of ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Palestinian civilians have lost homes and businesses during the conflict, and many more are dying slowly of dehydration because of a campaign by Israeli soldiers to target the infrastructure of Gaza.

The Israeli army has previously denied targeting non-military facilities, insisting that it is seeking to destroy terrorist targets such as tunnels and rockets that are fired into Israel.

Last week, Israeli NGOs warned that more than half of Gaza’s 1.8 million people were now affected by a lack of adequate access to water and sanitation services, with raw sewage spilling on to the streets from damaged pipes. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are without power. Hundreds of thousands more face severe shortages.

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