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Lately at the Akashic Times, we have written a number of articles about the various laws that have been brought forward to unfairly target bikers in Australia.

However, while bikers, tattoo parlours and gangs have been heavily targeted in the country in pursuit of crime – there is one gang that is also starting to come under the spotlight.

And that gang is known as the police. Recently, a major investigation has been launched into police ties to drug traffickers and gangs.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission is tipped to be conducting a public inquiry into allegations Gold Coast police have been involved with organised crime gangs, including outlaw bikies. They have been accused of importing drugs and dealing them in some of the nightclubs in the area.

Over 20 officers have been summoned to appear at secret hearings conducted by the CMC to give evidence about the allegations.

Phone taps, listening devices and covert surveillance are believed to have been used to garner further information.

The corruption scandal is believed to be one of the biggest since the Fitzgerald inquiry.

As a reference to those readers who are not from Australia, the Fitzgerald inquiry saw a number of high-profile politicians and senior police figures charged with abuse of power and corruption involving illegal gambling and prostitution, in the 80s.

Significant prosecutions followed the inquiry leading to four ministers being jailed and numerous police being convicted. Former Police Commissioner Sir Terence Lewis was convicted of corruption, jailed, and stripped of his knighthood, and former Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen was charged with perjury for lying in court.

The CMC probe has been sparked by a multi-million dollar cocaine investigation launched last year.

In a separate incident, a Surfers Paradise constable was suspended on full pay pending an investigation after a drug bust in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

A police spokeswoman said that illegal drugs are part of an ongoing police misconduct probe, Operation Tesco.

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