Police corruption

Police sniffer dog

US cops torture innocent man with 14 hour body cavity search and forced surgery

A routine traffic stop turned into a 14 hour cavity search for one man in New Mexico after he failed to stop at a stop sign at a Wal-Mart exit. David Eckart was asked by cops to exit his vehicle and when he did, the officer claimed that he was ‘clenching his buttocks’ and used that as a basis to[Read More…]

Gareth Williams

Police claim MI6 spy committed suicide then padlocked his own body in a bag

I kid you not. One story that has been making the rounds recently is that of a rather unfortunate fellow called Gareth Williams who had also chosen an equally unfortunate career as an MI6 spy. This career was to spell the death knell to his life. No-one is quite certain of the circumstances surrounding his death, but the reported cover-up[Read More…]

Irene Brown

Police whistleblower jailed and punished for unveiling corruption

A civilian police worker was thrown into the cells and threatened with life in prison for speaking out against a catalogue of corruption from police officers in the UK. Irene Brown was apprehended by five officers and had her house ransacked with over £2,000 removed after speaking out against the wrongdoing of her employer, Cumbria Police. She first began her[Read More…]

Daniel Kaluuya says he was targeted by violent cops because of his colour

UK man sues the Met police after violent strip-search

A British man is suing the police after they ordered him off the bus and forced him to take his trousers off in public. Daniel Kaluuya who appeared in the TV hit series Skins is suing the Metropolitan police after accusing them of picking on him as a suspected drug dealer because of his colour. Daniel had been sitting on[Read More…]

D-Day for British Justice. How MPs have abolished the right to a fair trial

D-Day for British Justice. How MPs have abolished the right to a fair trial

Imagine a scenario in which you are whisked away in the middle of the night by armed police officers and then informed that you will tried in a secret court – which bars you from having legal representative. Imagine that you are then prevented from seeing the evidence, or the witness testimony against you. Nor are you able to submit[Read More…]