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Google under fire for ‘spying feature’

Google under fire for ‘spying feature’

Google has come under fire for a controversial new spying feature that can track a user’s entire search history and determine their location. Its Timeline service, available on both mobiles and laptops allow users of the firm’s online maps to see the places they frequent most often. The service can even look through pictures to find those users have taken[Read More…]

Google's new 'smart bears' have the ability to log and record information

Google creates ‘smart teddy bears’ which sparked privacy concerns

Google has patented technology for new ‘smart teddy bears’ it has been revealed. The bears can interact with users and interpret the commands of the children playing with them and “express curiosity” through a series of actions. It could also perform a number of actions such as scratching its head, and making facial expressions. However, this new technology is not[Read More…]

Billy Bragg is among those backing efforts to strengthen deals between independent labels and YouTube

Alternative music ‘could be erased from YouTube’

YouTube has announced plans to block independent record labels if an agreement is not reached over a dispute on the terms and conditions and royalties. Google, which owns YouTube, has been renegotiating contracts with record labels, but some of the more independent companies say that they have been pressured into accepting “highly unfavourable terms”. The most controversial clause concerns the[Read More…]

Sinister spy glasses by Google allows criminals and nefarious agencies to steal your PIN number at a distance away

Google invents creepy glasses to steal your PIN codes

Google has invented a creepy new set of glasses that can steal your PIN numbers when you are using a cash machine, it has been revealed. The controversial Glass wearable computer contains special software to analyse the shadows and movements of peoples’ fingers in order to decipher PIN codes entered into tablets and smartphones. The software would also work using[Read More…]

G-Money anyone? Will Google overtake Paypal to become a leading payments system?

The rise of G-Money: Google announces plans to launch electronic currency

Are we being pushed towards an electronic crypto-currency in the future? Some would say not after the well documented Bitcoin crash has helped to cast doubts over the future of electronic money. Or has it? Say hello to Google’s new e-Money system. But before we go into that, let’s take a brief trip back to last year. In May 2013,[Read More…]