The crisis in Calais appears to be getting worse. When questioned about the situation, a spokeswoman of Algerian origin said that it’s not the town councils responsibility. The people who have been given asylum are mainly from Sudan and a large number are still living in the makeshift shanty town known as the jungle.

The spokeswomen for the mayor of Calais Natasha Bouchart UMP party has continued to state that the refugee crisis is a national problem.

But this is entirely false, as French national news has revealed that the mayor of Paris has housed those who have already claimed asylum in France and has provided a centre for them to learn French, and to educate them into the French way of life.

However, the fact that these people who have been granted asylum by French authorities in Calais are still being treated like non-asylum refugees has started to create tensions in the camp. It has been reported that, in retaliation, they have burnt 150 kilos of clothes and bedding. Furthermore, in-fighting has started amongst refugees from different countries and demonstrations have been organised.

Obviously more needs to be done. The town council of Calais is refusing to accept their part of responsibility and are trying to pass the buck. Things are not getting any better for the refugees, especially as winter approaches. Indeed, they are only going to get worse.

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