Glass jars filled with different types of cereal

A study published by the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor showed that processed cereals are so toxic that you would literally be better off eating the box instead of the cereal.

The study was conducted on mice, which were divided into three groups. 

  • Group one received cornflakes and water.
  • The second group were fed the cardboard box the cereal came in and water. 
  • Group three received rat chow and water.

According to the research, the group that ate the cornflakes died much more quickly than the ones eating the box! They also showed signs of violent behavior. They threw fits, were anxious and agitated and eventually went into convulsions.

However, the rats eating the box outlived the cereal eaters.

An autopsy was done on the rats that died from eating the cornflakes. They had damage to their pancreas, liver and kidneys. What’s more, they suffered degeneration of the nerves along their spine, all signs of insulin shock. 

The research echoed earlier reports which found that mice who ate puffed wheat cereal died much more quickly than mice that ate sugar and water.

What this startling research shows is that cardboard boxes contain more nutrition than cereal!!

A serving size of healthy cereal should not contain more than 10 grams of sugar. However, the average bowl of cereal was found to contain at least 19 grams of sugar, despite misleading claims by cereal manufacturers. 

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