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John Mann the MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire has handed the government a dossier of evidence on VIP child abuse

VIP child abuse whistleblowers ‘murdered’

The VIP child abuse scandal shows no sign of abating after it was revealed that key witnesses and whistleblowers who exposed a paedophile ring that goes all the way to the Houses of Parliament and above, where murdered. The claims have been made by a number of politicians, including MP John Mann who passed detectives information about the suspicious deaths[Read More…]

Victim goes public about abuse by high-ranking paedophiles

Victim goes public about abuse by high-ranking paedophiles

A victim has spoken out about the systematic and widespread abuse of young children by so-called VIP paedophile rings, and those in positions of authority. Police are investigating the man’s claims, after he said that he saw a Tory MP “throttle” a 12 year old child to the point of death. He spoke of high-profile paedophile rings involving celebrities, politicians[Read More…]

A national disgrace: The scourge of high profile paedophile rings

A national disgrace: The scourge of high profile paedophile rings

It has recently been confirmed that police have arrested a 67 year old man with links to Downing Street. The suspect was arrested in Dorset, on suspicion of historical child abuse following an investigation into claims of a paedophile ring with links to the top levels of government. So far the police have refused to name this suspect, who was[Read More…]

Jonathan King

Disgraced paedophile Jonathan King invited back to star in BBC documentary

The BBC has welcomed disgraced paedophile Jonathan King to participate in a documentary about the pop group Genesis. The decision to include the former DJ who spent three and a half years in prison for his perversions on the BBC programme received a backlash from bewildered campaigners. In 2000, King was investigated by police in relation to allegations of sexual[Read More…]

Under snooping laws introduced by Theresa May retailers, cafes , libraries and schools will have to monitor and track records of internet users

Child victims name top judges and MPs in paedophile abuse scandal

Well-known politicians, including those who are currently serving in office have been named as paedophiles by victims to a sex abuse hotline. This latest disclosure comes after a string of damning revelations and child abuse scandals which have rocked the political establishment over the last year or so. A report published by the National Association for People Abused in Childhood[Read More…]