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Police state in the West: The ugly face of police brutality

Police state in the West: The ugly face of police brutality

Over the last few weeks, police brutality has taken the spotlight in US, after yet another unarmed black man was gunned down on the streets of America. Of course, the police justified it in the way they always do, and claimed that Michael Brown – the man who was gunned down – was a criminal who had just robbed a[Read More…]

Brazilian citizens of all ages have been mercilessly gunned down by the police

World Cup sparks ethnic cleansing campaign against impoverished Brazilians

As people across the globe move to celebrate the World Cup, there are some who will not be celebrating at all. These are the impoverished people in Brazil who have been on the receiving end of ethnic cleansing and slaughter by the thuggish police force in the country. In a bid to try and make the country appear much more[Read More…]

Nubia Bowe

US girl beaten up by male cops after allegedly dancing on a train

A US girl was attacked by police after she was arrested for dancing, it has been reported. Nubia Bowe, 19, was travelling home one evening in March on a train in San Francisco, when police were called after someone complained about a group of young men and women dancing on a train and soliciting money. However, when the police arrived,[Read More…]

Scott Olsen

US military veteran wins millions in police brutality lawsuit

A former marine veteran in the US has won millions after suing the Oakland police force for brutality. Scott Olsen, 26 was awarded $4.5 million after sustaining injuries during the Occupy protests. During the protests he was hit on the head by a non-lethal missile fired by a police officer. Shortly afterwards, he was admitted to hospital in a critical[Read More…]

Marcus Jeter

New Jersey man escapes jail after video shows cops falsifying evidence

A New Jersey man has escaped a prison sentence after evidence emerged that the police had tried to frame him. Police claimed that Marcus Jeter, 30 assaulted officers, resisted arrest and tried to elude the police. However their own dashcams told a very different story. The video in fact showed that Mr Jeter was calm and did not try to[Read More…]