There’s an ongoing debate when it comes to cellphones and wireless data. While everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, the problem is that the wireless data system used by these phones has begun to steer some heads into health-related questions.

In 2018, plans for massive deployment of 5G started. Scientists and doctors took notice and decided to rally against corporations using this hazardous technology. 5G uses Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) waves to transmit its information. Multiple studies have shown that long term exposure to RF waves increases the risk of cancer amongst other illnesses. 

While RF related studies are not positive, there are no long-term studies regarding 5G. Corporations are not willing to wait until those studies are conclusive. Instead they are pushing ahead with the 5G agenda, despite the health problems it could cause. Could long term exposure to 5G be more dangerous than they are willing to admit?

It is also worth noting that 5G needs even more cellphone towers installed to work correctly. Previous technologies such as 4G use longer radio waves to transmit data. 5G uses a shorter wave range, thus needing more towers to function properly. Doctors recommend against living near these towers, especially for pregnant women and children. Many members of the public are aware of the dangers and have begun to take matters into their own hands. For example, French farmers have sued the state over the death of their cattle after cellphone towers were installed near their farms.

Many US state representatives and committees have spoken against 5G implementation and asked for a delay until further investigations can be pursued. Many states, such as Oregon, have halted 5G deployment and recommended limits to stop exposing children to the new wireless technology until further studies are done. Multiple European NGOs have spoken against 5G and started petitions to stop its use. As a response, many European countries have also halted its deployment and asked for long term studies before anything is decided. 

Corporations are known for putting profit above health. If the US and European states allow them to run amok, then how bad will this get? Moreover, how far are they willing to go? Unfortunately, only time will tell, but so far, it is not looking good.

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