The crisis in Calais has now got the whole world watching and waiting to see the next course of events that are about to unfold. As a resident living in the town and reporting from inside, things are just about going to escalate in ways that are imaginable.

Having recently spoken to Mr Roussel, a local town councilor on the subject, his opinions and that of his party reflects pretty much all that of the local residents of Calais. In his statement to the press, he made it very clear that it is not just a Franco-British problem to resolve, but one for all of Europe.

He said: “It is not these two countries that have to sort out the mess in Europe. It is a European problem and that it is the duty of Europe to work together by creating centers in all countries and process their claims in each country. It is only when Europe starts to talk and work together will this problem start to become resolved.”

Meanwhile the mayor of Calais Natasha Bouchart is insisting that it is Britain’s problem, and it is the Brits that are ruling Calais. Have you heard of anything more idiotic than that? How can Great Britain rule Calais? Britain once ruled a lot of countries and yes they did once rule Calais many centuries ago, but then gave the town back to the French, which later became occupied by the Spanish, before becoming French again. Her statements have led to civil unrest and unforeseen hatred in the town. She has created a division amongst communities and created much civil unrest in the town.

Some migrants have been given asylum in France who is currently living in the town. One migrant who originally comes from Sudan called Hamez said: “I’ve been given asylum for over a month. We were promised housing and look we are still living on the streets. We are treated no better than dogs. It is great that the charities help us, without them we wouldn’t know what to do.”

It is sad to see that migrants who have asylum in France are still living on the streets of Calais. In Paris they are given housing by their mayor. In Calais the situation is not the same. She couldn’t care less about these poor people. And as for the EU human rights act, she has clearly broken it.

It is about time the Mayor of Calais is taken to task and made to do what is right by these people.

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