It was recently reported that a young child Afghan migrant has been locked up in Coquelles detention center near Calais. He was left without care and without monitoring by the Social Aid for Children while in post-traumatic stress disorder. He was previously imprisoned twice before his psychiatric disorders were diagnosed and where he was then placed under guardianship.

He filed an asylum application and his appeal before the National Court of Asylum is ongoing. Despite the opinion and pleas by the Doctors from the Regional Health Agency, he now faces deportation back to Afghanistan.

This is so sad to read, we know that this young person will probably face execution.

Explaining the reasons behind his mental health issues, some of his carers who wished to remain anonymous said: “He was orphaned since the age of 4, raised in an orphanage in Tehran (Iran) until 12 years old, and arrived in France in 2010 at the age of 15 years. Along the way he had seen and experienced a number of serious assaults, which left him in a very disturbed psychological state of post-traumatic stress. As a result of this, he resorted to alcohol and was arrested and jailed for sexual assault. He was violently assaulted by other prisoners. “

He himself has been in and out of prison, mainly due to his severe mental disorders that have been left untreated.

For this young person, life had treated him cruelly and has given him a harsh blow. He is probably not alone. One example of another migrant who was refused asylum is from a woman. Not knowing why, she is left bewildered. She knows that like this young Afghan, if she returns to her country of origin she will most certainly be killed. It seems that more needs to be done in order to protect vulnerable migrants and help them to live in peace and harmony, and any illnesses be cured, without the fear of being killed.

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