Richard Loizou, Richard Roberts and Simon Roscoe Blevins

Judge who jailed fracking protestors linked to oil and gas industry

Article submitted by Gabriel Otwerah At a time when environmental issues are getting alarmingly acute, a judge with a conflict of interest sentenced three fracking activists to prison for public nuisance. Some may be disconcerted to note that this is the first time environmental protesters getting jailed in the UK since 1932. It is even more alarming that the judge[Read More…]

$42k was raised for Anthony Torres was filmed shaving on a train

More than $42k raised for homeless man mocked for shaving on train

More than $42,000 has been raised for a homeless man who was mocked for shaving on a train. The now-deleted video racked up more than 2.4 million views in a matter of days, and many people, like the video uploader, had made a series of nasty comments about the homeless man. In an interview with the Associated Press, Anthony Torres[Read More…]

Israel has blocked aid ships from arriving in Gaza

Israel blocks aid from reaching the Gaza strip

The Israeli navy has seized an aid boat that was headed for the Gaza strip, it has been reported. The Freedom for Gaza vessel, which had 12 people and medical equipment onboard, was intercepted late on Friday and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod, the Israeli military said in a statement. The ship was part of a four-vessel Freedom[Read More…]

UK government creates laws to fast-track fracking and bypass public consent

UK government creates laws to fast-track fracking and bypass public consent

The government has pressed ahead with its plans to do more fracking in Blackpool, despite widespread protests. The government has launched two consultations to fast-track fracking bids. People have until October 25 to take part. One proposal is to allow shale gas exploration schemes to go-ahead without the need for a planning application by turning them into a “permitted development.”[Read More…]

Barbara Hofschröer

State sanctioned robbery: How the elderly are being stripped off their assets

A growing number of elderly veterans have been kidnapped and held up in state psychiatry wards by criminal elements within British authorities. British born grandmother, Barbara Hofschröer, a disabled Second World War veteran, has been held incommunicado by York authorities since 2014. She has been confined against her will in a York care home after her assets were forcibly stripped[Read More…]