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Residents in New York and Washington have been offered joints in exchange for jabs

Poorer residents in the Bronx, New York have been offered cannabis joints, in exchange for Covid-19 jabs.

The group “Joints for Jabs” handed out J’s in Union Square Park to adults who had an official vaccine card as part of a nationwide vaccination drive. 

While some mass vaccination clinics have begun to close, and smaller sites at some unusual locations including strip clubs and crawfish festivals are popping up to take their place.

In order to bribe people to take the jabs, activists have conflated the science behind marijuana with the vaccine.

According to activist Adam Eidinger, “There are too many people denying science when it comes to the vaccines, and we want to say if you believe that cannabis is scientifically proven to be safe, then you also have to believe that the vaccine is safe because it too has been scientifically proven to be safe using clinical trials.”

However, New York is not the only state where these residents have been active.

When speaking to reporters, many participants in the programme said that they took the jab because they needed marijuana to help them with health problems. 

Miller said outside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center after collecting a tube containing a tightly rolled joint, said: “I enjoy marijuana for me. So, I have chronic back pain. So, it helps me.”

However, this is not the only initiative that has offered people bribes in exchange for jabs. In Jamaica, elderly residents have been offered $10,000 in exchange for vaccines.

It is geared towards people aged 60 and over, who are not in receipt of a pay cheque or a pension greater than $1.5 million per annum. Individuals will also have to be vaccinated as evidenced by the records at the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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