Covid Vaccines May Be Needed Regularly, Government Claims


Covid vaccines may be needed on a regular basis, the government has announced.

In a claim hidden within Boris Johnson’s lockdown-easing roadmap, the government included a target to offer every adult in England their first COVID-19 vaccination dose by 31 July 2021. 

However, the report added that “the Government is planning for a revaccination campaign, which is likely to run later this year in autumn or winter.

“Any revaccination is likely to consist of a single booster dose of a Covid vaccine: the ideal booster may be a new vaccine specifically designed against a variant form of the virus.

“Over the longer term, revaccination is likely to become a regular part of managing Covid.”

The government claims that revaccination may be necessary because they do not know how long immunity from Covid-19 will last.

In the 68-page document, the government stated: “This is because, as is the case with many vaccines, the protection they confer may weaken over time. It is also possible that new variants of the virus may emerge against which current vaccines are less effective.”

However, scientists have also admitted that some variants of the disease (such as the South African variant) may not respond well to vaccination. 

Covid Vaccines May Be Needed Regularly, Government Claims

The government has suggested that Covid-19 vaccines may be needed regularly


Vaccinating someone introduces a part of the virus to the body so the immune system can mould antibodies to it and then store them in case it comes into contact with the actual, live virus in the future.

When the virus mutates and changes shape – as its spike protein has in coronavirus cases caused by the South Africa variant – these antibodies can become outdated and less successful at targeting the virus.

Scientists have also admitted that the immune system has a weaker line of defence against the virus because of the vaccine. This raises the risk of people getting reinfected or becoming sick despite having been immunised.

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